Abraham-Louis Perrelet was a rare pioneer whose work changed the course of watchmaking history. Perrelet was the first to innovate the energy supply of a watch movement with the invention of the first automatic winding system – the automatic rotor – in 1777. The principle of this perpetual mechanism continues to be in use in automatic watches to this day, and with each new technical development, the Perrelet brand reaffirms its characterization as inventive and authentic. In 1995, Perrelet introduced its first Double Rotor movement, highlighting the ingenious winding system so widely employed in watchmaking. The traditional rotor was accompanied by another rotor that was permanently visible in the dial center. The perfectly synchronized components ensured enhanced winding performance while enabling the wearer to admire and keep track of the constant oscillations. In 2009, Perrelet’s Double Rotor was given a new interpretation, as the upper rotor was replaced with a 12-blade wheel that freely rotates around the entire dial in time with wrist movements. This contemporary interpretation of the history of Perrelet is a spectacular way of paying tribute to the man who was one of the greatest watchmakers of his time.