Meet the WatchBox Team

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With our Hong Kong office celebrating its one year anniversary, we wanted to introduce you to our “traders,” who have been instrumental in our second location’s immense success. Our traders buy and sell watches constantly, working to provide the ideal retail experience for customers.


Born-and-raised Hong Konger Eddie loves the Rolex 116500 Daytona “Panda” due to the fact that it’s stylish and eye-catching. Eddie got into the watch business after falling in love with the history and complications surrounding watches.

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Hong Kong trader Terence’s favorite watch is a Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control Chronograph that his wife gave him as a wedding gift. Terence loves the fact that watches are so complicated–from the outside design, to their their function, to the complications on the inside. Terence joined WatchBox for the tech-aspect of things, but since joining he’s fallen in love with the technical and aesthetic aspects of watches.

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New York–native Zoe has an affinity for vintage Rolex Day-Dates, particularly the reference 1803 in white gold. Zoe explains, “there’s just something about them that makes them flawless and the perfect everyday watch.” Prior to WatchBox, Zoe worked in the auction industry–at houses including Antiquorum and Auctionata, as well as the online pre-owned watch marketplace Crown & Caliber. Zoe loves the industry and the market behind watches. She began her career with watches during a temporary job at Antiquorum during college, falling in love with the industry then.

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Philadelphia-born trader Josh loves a 1980’s Rolex Day-Date, due to the fact that he loves the their extravagant, ostentatious design. Josh was introduced to watches at a young age by his father, an avid watch collector. Josh explains that he sees watches as a form of art, each reflecting the user’s character and tastes.

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