Watch 101

Limited Addiction – The Best of Limited Edition Watches

Let’s face it, acquiring a watch that only a select few others will own is always an appealing proposition. We live in an industry saturated with the usual suspects—Submariners, Speedys, Seamaster'... Read More+

Every Day Favorite Steel Watches

While grande complications, precious metals, and other delicate niceties are always coveted by watch collectors, even the least practical of us still have a soft-spot for a good “everyday watch”. '... Read More+

Painted to Last: Bovet’s Art of Enamel Lacquering

Throughout its long history, Bovet has encouraged exploration and creativity among its watchmakers and artisans, and the result was and is a collection of watches that are as much art as timepieces.'... Read More+

Watches Inspired by Sports

Starting from a need for accurate timing of events, the relationship between watches and sport has a significant history, and continues to evolve to this very day. As the years have gone on a number o'... Read More+

Inspired By Art

Though less commonly a path of collaboration in watchmaking when compared with things like sport or film, the world of modern and contemporary art often finds its means of connecting with fine watchma'... Read More+


What do I look for when trying to determine if a watch is authentic or not? Quite a few things to be honest, but some clues are much more apparent than others. This is certainly far from a comprehensi'... Read More+


MOMENTS IN TIME | Horological Glossary As your trusted partner for luxury watches, WatchBox understands that proper education is the foundation for understanding the “complicated” world of watches'... Read More+
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