History of Time

8 Things to Know About IWC

There’s a lot we all know about the beloved International Watch Company. Famed for their iconic pilot’s watch collection, the longstanding brand is one of the most widely-known faces in the Richem'... Read More+

The Lesser Knowns; 3 Unknown Speedmaster Models

Since its inception in 1957, the Omega Speedmaster has seen countless iterations through to present day. After cementing its position as the first watch on the moon, its consistent popularity meant th'... Read More+

8 Things To Know About Panerai

To this day, Panerai is one of those distinct and immediately recognizable brands that is loved by many—especially those with the wrists large enough to pull off their often substantial cases. Any'... Read More+

Hublot Collecting for Movement Snobs

Given the depth and breadth of their current offerings, one of the more appealing things about Hublot is that regardless of your interests in the watch world, they’ve effectively got something for e'... Read More+

8 Things to Know About Rolex

Discover the 8 things you may not have ever known about one of the largest and well known watch brands: Rolex. Roots of the Name Who is Mr. Rolex? Is the name an acronym for something? What does it a'... Read More+

Motorsport series – Watches For Drivers

There are so many facets to the connection between watches and motorsport, and the automotive world in general, that it has provided us a plethora of paths to trod along. While we’ve already discuss'... Read More+

I Love The 90s, Part I: Collecting An Era

Baywatch, Fabio, Trolls, Porsche’s last air-cooled 911 (993); one of these things is not like the others. Certain artifacts of 1990s consumer culture have aged better than others, and the same can b'... Read More+
Tracking time has been around for centuries, from sun dials and water clocks all the way to modern day smart watches. Learn the history behind all aspects of watches and horology.