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What is Watchbox?

WatchBox™ is the global destination for luxury pre-owned timepieces, offering an expertly curated inventory of luxury pre-owned watches for sale, personalized client services, educational opportunities and astute editorial content. Fueled by tech-aided convenience.

In tune with today’s modern connected consumer, The WatchBox operates under the premise that time is your greatest luxury, and pricing transparency is paramount to establish trust. Our team of 140 associates are some of the most passionate watch enthusiasts in the business, maintaining a level of knowledge regarding the history, nuances of current collections and pulse of the secondary marketplace to welcome you into our world; lend expert council and keep you captivated.

We have developed dynamic services to support collecting behaviors, buying, selling and trading of watches from private clients - from you - and our platform is backed by extensive and reliable market data. This growing knowledge base ensures authenticity, value and expert council as you buy, sell and trade timepieces from your personal collection. And we get it; we're watch enthusiasts too.

We invite you to discover WatchBox online, over the phone, through our mobile app and within showrooms and private buying offices in Hong Kong and the United States. This is just the beginning. Redefining the luxury experience.

WatchBox is the result of a game-changing partnership between Danny Govberg, CEO of Govberg Jewelers, Tay Liam Wee, former owner of Sincere Watch, and investor-entrepreneur Justin Reis. This partnership brings together unprecedented watch industry experience, innovative technology, sophisticated data systems and marketing, as well as financial strength and business acumen to positively transform the multi-billion-dollar pre-owned luxury watch industry.

Our Founders

Tay Liam Wee Chairman Tay Liam Wee is widely recognized as one of the luxury watch industry’s most dynamic entrepreneurs. He was instrumental in transforming Sincere Watch, a traditional family- owned company into a pan-Asian luxury watch retail and distribution group that was publicly listed on both the Hong Kong and Singapore Stock Exchanges. In 2015, Liam Wee began working on the concept that became WatchBox with co-founders Danny Govberg and Justin Reis. He currently serves as the Chairman of Watchbox to pioneer the digital transformation of the luxury watch industry.
Danny Govberg Co-Founder, CEO Danny is a pioneering force of the contemporary watch industry. His vision and insatiable passion for watches and technology enabled the evolution of Govberg from a Philadelphia-based retail shop to one of the world’s premier authorized dealers of both new and pre-owned timepieces. Danny recognized years ago that selling new watches was only one way to support the life of a watch collector, and set in motion a tech-forward pre-owned strategy that inspired the evolution of WatchBox.
Justin Reis Co-Founder Justin Reis is a seasoned investor and entrepreneur across various industries. He has extensive experience working with businesses and management teams to grow their operations and scale business models to global levels, and his 20+ years of experience in private equity investing in Asia will be critical in scaling WatchBox's Asian division.

Our Mission

Pioneering changes in the global watch industry.

WatchBox is the leading e-commerce platform for the buying, selling and trading of pre-owned luxury timepieces, embracing technology, data, transparency and innovation.


Posted 19/4/19 Neiman Marcus invests in luxury reseller Fashionphile WatchBox, No. 299, grew the fastest online of the five Top 1000 retailers that sell used luxury goods. Plus, these e-retailers increased their web sales by an average of 23.0% in 2018—well above the Top 1000 average web sales growth of 16.2%. Read More

Posted 3/1/19 Forbes: The 10+ Best Real-World Examples Of Augmented Reality Have you tried the WatchBox augmented reality feature? Recently featured in Forbes as one of the best real world examples of Augmented Reality the feature on the WatchBox mobile shopping app allows you to ‘try on’ a watch you are interested in. Make sure you try it now and tag us in your pics @watchbox_hk Read More

Posted 3/1/19 Watch Time: Is the Watch Industry on the Cusp of a Physical Retail Renaissance? Part 2 WatchTime: successful e-commerce operations like Watchbox are already offering superior white glove customer experiences. Because they already know what a client has and has been looking for all the time, they will certainly make sure to get in touch once they have located the watch on top of your list, and might even be happy to take another one off a client’s hands…read the full article on the watch industries physical retail renaissance Read More

Posted 01/14/19 East Touch: #touchING by WatchBox Specialist Zoe Abelson New York–native Zoe has an affinity for vintage ROLEX Day-Dates, particularly the reference 1803 in white gold. Zoe explains, “there’s just something about them that makes them flawless and the perfect everyday watch.” Read More

Posted 01/14/19 The Standard: It's Always the Right Time for a Watch Deal As the world's number one importer of Swiss watches, Hong Kong is well set to power up the booming business of online trading in second-hand luxury watches, says WatchBox's chairman Liam Wee Tay. Read More

Posted 01/04/19 East Touch: #touchING by WatchBox Specialist Eddie Law 由WatchBox Specialist Eddie推介本周最值得入手三款腕錶! Read More

Posted 12/27/18 East Touch: #touchING by WatchBox Specialist Josh Srolovitz ROLEX Day-Date (118206)擁有36mm鉑金錶殼配以銀色鑽石錶面的自動上鏈手錶,配搭元首型鏈帶及摺疊扣,功能為時、分、秒針和星期日曆。此錶附帶原廠保養卡。P Serial。
Josh:「這是我夢寐以求的手錶!它以純鉑金製成,代表了 ROLEX有史以來其中一枚最酷、最重要的巔峰之作。它非常重,約為226克。它給予穿戴者一種難忘的體驗,比起金或玫瑰金的錶殼更為低調含蓄。」(HK$194,500)
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Posted 12/21/18 LifeStyle Asia: Wrist Watch: WatchBox's Tay Liam Wee shows us 5 career-defining timepieces In Wrist Watch — our monthly column dedicated to watches in the wild and the interesting individuals who wear them — resident horology enthusiast Randy Lai highlights key finds each exhibiting some aspect of excellence (e.g., craft, collectability, cultural significance). This Christmas, tot of eggnog in hand, Randy stopped by Watchbox to talk to the business’s co-founder and elder statesman — Mr. Tay Liam Wee. Read More

Posted 11/23/18 Bruo: Stay at The Upper House and enjoy these exclusive privileges with WatchBox In case you haven't noticed, we're now in the thick of watch auction season where all the top houses are rolling out the bounty in autumn sales and other special exclusives. There is so much going on. Phillips Auctioneers just broke another record when it closed its Geneva Watch Auction: Eight at CHF21 million; Panerai has collaborated with Sotheby's in an online exclusive sale of three unique prototypes – the Lab-ID, the Mare Nostrum, and the Radiomir Firenze; Bonhams Hong Kong has also returne Read More

Posted 11/18/18 The Washington Post: Time to get a watch? What to know about buying preowned Luxury watches have long been a symbol of the wealthy. That’s changing thanks to a booming trade in preowned luxury watches, driven by a growing number of specialized retailers. Established luxury watchmakers and dealers are also getting into the trade. Read More

Posted 11/18/18 The New York Times: Watch Geeks Drive Booming Trade in Preowned Pieces Around two dozen traders sit in an open-layout second floor of a building in suburban Philadelphia. Surrounded by computer monitors, loud conversation and ringing phones, the energy on this trading floor is high and the commodity is blingy. Read More

Posted 11/9/18 Robb Report: WatchBox Acquires Watch Valuation App Chronofy Pre-owned watch e-tailer WatchBox is expanding. Having just opened their new Swiss headquarters in Neuchâtel last month—which is home to their corporate offices, a trading floor for clients to buy and sell watches, a lounge, and a content studio—the company has just announced its acquisition of Chronofy Read More

Posted 09/27/18 Watch Pro: Secondary watch specialist Watchbox sets foot in European market Following the success of its US and Hong Kong divisions, the global e-commerce platform is hoping to use the Swiss branch to heighten its global commitment. Read More

Posted 09/26/18 Monochrome: Patrik Hoffmann from WatchBox Europe WatchBox. Founded by experienced entrepreneurs and market-makers Danny Govberg (of US-based watch/jewels retailer Govberg Jewelers) and Tay Liam Wee (Asia-based retailer Sincere Watches), WatchBox is today opening its European Offices in Switzerland. Read More

Posted 09/26/18 Luxury Daily: WatchBox Expands into Switzerland with headquarters Pre-owned timepiece ecommerce platform WatchBox is growing its global footprint with the opening of its third physical location in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Read More

Posted 09/21/18 Watchonista: The Grey Market Is Dead! Long Live Certified Pre-Owned! In a recent feature on Watchonista, Benjamin Teisseire – along with Georges Kern, François-Paul Journe, WatchBox’s Patrik Hoffmann and others – discusses the growth, challenges and opportunities within the pre-owned market. Read More

Posted 08/18/18 Monocle Singaporean businessman Tay Liam Wee launched Watchbox in 2017. Partnered with US watch retailer Govberg, the online trading platform for luxury second-hand timepieces chose Hong Kong earlier this year to open its first offline showroom. Read More

Posted 8/4/18 South China Morning Post: Justin Reis, co-founder and director of WatchBox, has changed careers but still brings the same of attention to detail to the job Success in one field affords the chance to step back, recalibrate and strike out in a new direction, and that’s exactly what Justin Reis did after deciding to move on from the finance sector. Read More

Posted 7/24/18 Forbes: Luxury Watch Veteran Upends market with Pre- Owned Timepieces Singaporean Tay Liam Wee is a member of the global luxury watch elite—his father Boo Jiang founded Sincere Watch, one of Singapore's largest watch retailers, in 1954. So how does Tay, 59, build on that legacy? Surprisingly, in used watches, with online and offline retailer WatchBox, which sells only pre-owned timepieces. Read More

Posted 5/6/18 Watches by SJX: Why are Watchmakers Entering the Secondary Market: The gamekeepers turn poachers Richemont’s recent surprise announcement that was taking over London-based pre-owned retailer Watchfinder is the latest in major developments taking place in the secondary market for watches over the last six months.
First came in the news in November 2017 that Hong Kong-based Watchbox had raised US$100m to fund expansion, with an eye on the goal of achieving US$200m in pre-owned watch sales in 2018.
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Posted 4/24/18 Ming Pao Watch News﹕二手名表交易平台香港登場 【明報專訊】瑞士大型表展Baselworld剛於上周完結,但真正的表迷除了愛看新表,其實更鍾情於舊有的經典款式。鐘表拍賣會、二手店,一直也有不少捧場客。最近香港WatchBox平台正式成立,提供另一種二手腕表/舊表的買賣渠道。 Read More

Posted 04/23/18 Alpha Men Asia: Time for Vintage Watches The market for luxury pre-owned watches is increasing exponentially in Asia. Grace Brewer discusses watch trends and how to start a collection with Samuel Lee, Asia- Pacific director at WatchBox, a leading online platform for pre-owned watch trading that recently opened its first boutique in Hong Kong. Read More

Posted 4/18/18 The Wall Street Journal: The Expert's Guide to Buying a Used Timepiece A host of emerging online marketplaces have developed secure and trustworthy methods for purchasing a watch online Read More

Posted 4/16/18 Robb Report: Buy, Sell And Trade Authenticated Timepieces On Watchbox The digital luxury watch platform gives watch collectors a peace of mind by authenticating and reconditioning every timepiece they receive. Read More

Posted 04/13/18 iMoney: 二手名錶有市有價 WatchBox打造舊錶網購平台 當年鄭廉威將家族表行分拆來港上市,現在於美國創立的新事業要擴展至亞洲,同樣選擇了香港。翻看他過去的訪問,曾說過一句話︰「做生意要跟機會走。」自從退出家族生意後,他全身投入為這傳統行業尋覓新路,創立二手名錶網上交易平台WatchBox,主要是交易八十、九十年代製造的瑞士名錶,「現在幾乎所有人買東西前,都會先在網上搜集資料,所以做生意不能再坐在店舖內,等候客人入來。 Read More

Posted 4/7/18 The Hollywood Reporter: How to Make Money on Watch Investing Tim Mosso, media director of pre-owned seller WatchBox, sees a rosy future for Audemars' $34,800 Royal Oak Extra Thin (Ref. 15202IP), which is limited to 250 pieces and has a blue dial in a titanium and platinum case. "Clear winners have emerged in the form of new watches most likely to spawn dealer waitlists, strong secondary market demand, and potential "long-term value retention," says Mosso. Read More

Posted 3/23/18 Luxury Daily: WatchBox looks for growth in editorial integration Online watch shop WatchBox is looking to expand the market for pre-owned watches by investing into editorial content. Read More

Posted 03/23/18 The New York Times: Lights! Camera! Lots of Watch Action! In the luxury watch trade, video’s the thing.

From slickly produced segments that take viewers on vicarious journeys through Switzerland to single-take product reviews live-streamed from trade shows like the Baselworld fair this week, videos aimed at watch buyers and fans have flooded the internet — and their popularity is skyrocketing.
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Posted 03/23/18 The New York Times: The Watch Magazine Revolution Introduces Online Sales As the print magazine industry continues its struggle to survive, the watch publisher Revolution is sprouting an e-commerce arm, partnering with the new e-commerce platform WatchBox to sell pre-owned timepieces and, separately, selling new limited-edition models by 10 brands, including Tag Heuer, IWC Schaffhausen and Hublot. Read More

Posted 03/20/18 WatchPro: Pre-Owned watch market could be worth half a trillion dollars says WatchBox There could be up to $500 billion worth of luxury watches that could be sold on the secondary market, says Tay Liam Wee co-founder of WatchBox.

In an interview with Squawk Box on CNBC Asia, Tay Liam Wee, co-founder and chairman of WatchBox, discussed his beliefs around the pre-owned watch market and how he and Danny Govberg see it overtaking the new watch market
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Posted 03/16/18 The Business Times: More luxe brands going for big time in resale One estimate puts the size of the pre-owned market at US$5 billion annually. While that's a fraction of the market for new watches, which consulting firm Bain & Co calculated to be US$46 billion, it's one of the fastest-growing segments in the industry Read More

Posted 03/15/18 CNBC: A closer look at the value of the luxury watch market There's possibly up to $500 billion worth of luxury watches in the market, says Tay Liam Wee of WatchBox. Read More

Posted 03/02/18 WatchTime: WatchTime Editor-in-chief drops by WatchBox Studios Earlier this week, WatchTime Editor-in-Chief Roger Ruegger took a trip down to Philadelphia to visit WatchBox Studios, a popular YouTube channel run by the horological pundit Tim Mosso. Read More

Posted 02/17/18 Bloomberg: Trade In a Luxury Watch Like a BMW: It’s a Booming Business Luxury watch seller Danny Govberg is very busy these days with his Philadelphia-based company, even when he’s selling fewer new timepieces than he used to. Read More

Posted 01/28/18 South China Morning Post: Pre-owned luxury watch market in Hong Kong grows slowly, but WatchBox hopes its time has come The market for new watches remains strong, but Hong Kong has had a lukewarm relationship with pre-owned timepieces. American “re-commerce” online retailer WatchBox is the latest company hoping to tap into the city’s lust for luxury watches, as well as a more buoyant environment for luxury goods, to change the image of pre-owned watches. Read More

Posted 01/25/18 Buro 24/7: 4 Great Things Happening in Luxury Watchmaking More transparent product information and a more vibrant pre-owned market Read More

Posted 01/23/18 South China Morning Post: Hong Kong’s status as Asia’s ‘watch hub’ draws luxury pre-owned trading platform Watchbox Hong Kong’s status as Asia’s watch hub made it a natural choice for the co-location of Watchbox, a US based e-commerce platform focused on pre-owned luxury watches, backed by venture capital from Singapore, according to its founders. Read More

Posted 01/23/18 Women's Wear Daily: For WatchBox, Time Is Right for Resellers Secondhand watch sales are getting a second look and reseller WatchBox is taking note.The company, which is a spin-off of Govberg Jewelers pre-owned watch business started late last year, turned the head of Singapore private equity firm CMIA Capital Partners. Read More

Posted 01/19/18 Reuters: In sign of times, luxury watchmaker Audemars embraces second-hand Together with a partner in Hong Kong and a Singapore-based investor, Govberg recently launched global e-commerce platform WatchBox for buying and selling pre-owned luxury watches. Read More

Posted 01/18/18 Revolution: WatchBox Marks Swiss Expansion WatchBox, the world’s preeminent ecommerce platform for pre-owned luxury timepieces, is expanding into the heart of fine watchmaking: Switzerland. Yes, once again the virtual world will be gaining a foothold in the real one. Read More

Posted 01/15/18 The New York Times: Watch Brands Confront a Risky Business: The Secondhand Market In November, for example, there was the debut of WatchBox, a global e-commerce platform for buying, selling and trading pre-owned luxury watches that is backed by CMIA Capital Partners, a Singapore-based private equity firm. Read More

Posted 01/15/18 HK Economic Journal: WatchBox攻亞洲 首選香港 電商及大數據的興起顛覆了傳統零售行業,先施表行(00444)前主席鄭廉威從售賣名錶傳統生意轉移至網上銷售,聯同美國Govberg珠寶行政總裁Danny Govberg及投資者Justin Reis創辦二手名錶網上交易平台WatchBox,於去年進軍香港市場並開設總部,計劃於2019年進軍內地。 Read More

Posted 01/15/18 Ming Pao: 美二手名表交易平台 登陸港設辦事處 香港是全球主要鐘表集散地,每年有大量完整名表出入香港,美國名貴二手腕表交易平台WatchBox 看準香港作為全球最大的瑞士名表進口市場,近期在港開設辦事處,並計劃以香港起點,擴展至亞洲其他地區。 Read More

Posted 12/21/17 Bloomberg Pursuits: Maybe Just All the Growth in Luxury Watches Is Coming From China Although Hong Kong’s booming demand knocked the U.S. out of the top spot among Swiss watch markets about a decade ago, tourism has supported sales in the U.S. since. Now that’s slowing, leaving it with a local clientele lured by smart gadgets, according to Danny Govberg, owner of 101-year-old luxury watch retailer Govberg Jewelers. Read More

Posted 11/30/18 Robb Report: WatchBox Jockeys for Position in Pre-Owned Watch Market Worldwide With $100M in Seed Capital Danny Govberg of Govberg Jewelers in Philadelphia, and Liam Wee Tay, former owner of Sincere Watch in Asia, are no strangers to the world of watch retail, and with their recent partnership on the launch of WatchBox, the duo is looking to expand their reach in the pre-owned watch world. Read More

Posted 11/29/17 Deal Street Asia: CMIA Capital Partners leads investment in pre-owned luxury watch marketplace WatchBox Read more at: https://www.dealstreetasia.com/stories/cmia-capital-partners-back-watchbox-87370/ Singapore-based CMIA Capital Partners has led an initial investment round in WatchBox, a global e-commerce platform for the buying, selling and trading of luxury pre-owned timepieces. The company is founded by Danny Govberg, CEO of Govberg Jewelers; Liam Wee Tay, former owner of Sincere Watch; and investor-entrepreneur Justin Reis. Read More

Posted 11/28/17 Haute Time: Exclusive: WatchBox Takes The Way We Buy, Sell, and Trade Pre-owned Watches To The Next Level Today WatchBox officially launched globally, and buying, selling and trading pre-owned luxury watches will never be the same again. With a concept that has already proven its worth in the US market, the rest of the world can now also experience this new way of buying, selling, and trading pre-owned luxury watches, as WatchBox takes it to the next level with a global website – www.thewatchbox.com – and offices in both Hong Kong and Philadelphia. Read More